[GreatFET] Could the Greatfet code be run on a LPCXpresso4337 board?

L W loidmen at hotmail.com
Sun Aug 26 08:44:12 EDT 2018

Hi Kate & Dominic,

I see that the firmware for the Greatfet runs on the lpc4330 Xplorer board.

And that the code for the Facedancer and glichkit incudes the lpc4330 explorer board as backends.

Would the firmware for the Greatfet also run on the LPCXpresso4337 board?

What kind of changes would have to be made to the firmware source could to get it to run on this kind of board?

It has High speed USB A/B connectors for host or slave operation.

Can this board be a backend for glitchkit too?

What would have to be done to do this? This is the closest board I have to a lpc4330 Xplorer.

In general what made you choose the lpc4330 as your base chip, for your usb hacking needs, was it just because you had used this chip before? Was it because of its speed? Could the a teensy 3.6 or a nuceo-F767ZI or a tiva-C  connected board be used instead?

Thanks for your patience and explanations.


I'm not good at soldering, and these kits offer quick testing of code if needed because of their arduino like ide availabilty.

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