[GreatFET] I2C FRAM read/write issue

Michael Messuri mmessuri at 4rsons.com
Wed Jan 27 15:00:17 EST 2021

I'm having an issue trying to read/write an I2C FRAM (Adafruit I2C FRAM 
Breakout) and was hoping someone with more experience could help me 
solve it the problem:

     When I issue the cmd: "gf i2c -z -v" the results come back that 
address 0x50 is both read/writable (there is a WR in column 0) and 
address 0x70 (with a W in column C) is writable.  However, when I then 
issue the cmd: "gf i2c -a 0x50 -w 0x01 -v" I get a traceback in file 
greatfet_i2c.py line 73 with a TypeError: 'tuple' object cannot be 
interpreted as an integer.  Now if I try the same type of thing inside 
the shell I see that I am not receiving any status results from the i2c 
read or i2c write results.

     at this point I am a little unclear why the scan result would come 
back as r/w at address 0x50 (which is default for the i2c fram) and then 
any r/w command would fail.


-- Michael --
mmessuri at 4rsons.com

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