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Thu Apr 22 14:56:50 EDT 2004

Ron Baalke wrote:

> Eucrites are also basaltic rocks. Based on spectra data, the parent body 
> for eucrites is assumted to be Vesta, and lava flows have been detected
> on Vesta from Hubble images. So, volcanic material can exist on asteroids.
> The parent body for this meteorite could be a large asteroid, and it doesn't
> have to be Phobos or Deimos. Like the article says, the connection to Phobos/
> Deimos is speculative.

ZOLENSKY M. et al. (2001) Kaidun: A smorgasbord
of new asteroid samples (MAPS 36-9, 2001, A233):

A typical Kaidun thin section (1 cm aross), exhibiting an
incredible clast diversity. A few of the identified clasts are:

(a) impact melt,                 (d) CM1 chondrite,
(b) enstatite chondrite,     (e) Tagish Lake-type chondrite,
(c) CI chondrite,                (f) CM2 chondrite.

The remaining clasts are unidentified.

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