[meteorite-list] Park Forest Meteor Video- Probably gone...

Mike Groetz mpg444 at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 22 20:06:29 EDT 2004

Hello Everyone-
   I wrote to WLS TV Channel 7 that hosted the police
cruiser video clip of the Park Forest meteor entry.
They no longer have access to it but were very nice in
there response:

Hello Mike...

No, we're sorry, we just switched video servers and
that clip was lost.  Our tech folks are trying to
recover it, but it does not look promising at all.

Thanks for visiting ABC7Chicago.com.

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Sent: Wednesday, April 21, 2004 7:47 PM
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Subject: Park Forest Meteorite Flight Video Link

   About a year ago (March 30th 2003) your web site
  -linked a short movie taken by a police cruiser of
the Park Forest meteor in flight. The link is still on
this article but no longer available.
   Would you please tell me if there are any other
links (or suggestions) to be able to see this meteor
entry tape again?

Thank You
Mike Groetz

   I will keep looking on the web- if I find it- I
will link it in an email to the list.
   Everyone take care,
Mike Groetz

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