[meteorite-list] Ad -Weekly Rare Material Special

Adam Hupe adamhupe at comcast.net
Fri Apr 23 00:25:23 EDT 2004

Dear List,

Thank you, once again for affording us the opportunity to advertise these
weekly rare material specials.  This week we would like to announce NWA
3119.  NWA 3119 is an LL4 chondrite.  Some might ask what is so special
about an LL4 chondrite with all of the rarities coming out of the desert
these days.   Well, NWA 3119 has some awesome green xenoliths and a few
black clasts.  To see these xenoliths check out the links below:

An example of a green xenolith found in one of the slices from this


Close up of this same green xenolith:


To see these specimens and over 100 other interesting items check out the
ebay link below and click on  "Go see all current items for sale by this
member".  Be sure to check out NWA 3119.


Thank you for looking and if you are bidding, good luck.

Adam and Greg Hupe
The Hupe Collection
Team LunarRock
IMCA 2185

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