[meteorite-list] Fewer Females Wiped Out Dinosaurs

Francis Graham francisgraham at rocketmail.com
Fri Apr 23 03:34:40 EDT 2004

> Too many males may have been the reason the
> dinosaurs died out 65 million
> years ago, say Leeds University researchers. 
> They believe that dinosaurs may have been like
> modern-day reptiles such as
> crocodiles whose sex depends upon the temperature
> before they were born. 
> The new idea is that the asteroid that struck
> changed the world's climate
> causing it to be cooler, which led too many
> dinosaurs to be born male. 
 I must agree with the critics.  
 It's EXTREMELY UNLIKELY that temperature-driven sex
selection would have operated totally across such a
vast and diverse subclass like the dinosauria, to even
have a major impact of any sort (no pun intended).

Francis Graham

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