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Mike / flattoprocks mikewm at ctaz.com
Fri Apr 23 10:31:08 EDT 2004

Hello Dominique, I am sure you will hear many different opinions. But for me
I like the Gold Bug 2 made by Fisher. I have hunted several strewn fields
with them and always done at least as well as the next detector. By this I
mean any meteorite another detector could find mine was at least as good and
many times better. Also the GB2 is very simple, you can strap it on balance
and be hunnting in less than 2 minutes. (with some practice) They are a
simple design knobs and switches instead of touch screens. Just my opinion.
Mike Miller  //  E-Bay  flattoprocks
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> Dear list,
> What is according to you the most successful detector of metals for the
> search for chondrites ( H or L)?
> Dominique Padirac
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