[meteorite-list] Strange structure in L chondrite

Razvan Andrei asean-1 at xnet.ro
Sat Apr 24 16:25:09 EDT 2004


It might a Fe2SiO4 melt pocket not so unusual in shocked chondrites
Umbarger L6 and Gao H5 also present this kind of structures at the
meeting regions of shock veins. I have also a unclassified, unnamed
Rissani meteorite with this kind of inclusion.


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From: "Pierre-Marie PELE" <pierre.pele at voila.fr>

> Hello,
> I've got the fragment of a L6 chondrite which presents a strange
structure, at the meeting point of 3 veins.
> I think it's a glassy structure resulting from the heat reaching the inner
of the meteorite by the shock veins but I'm not sure.
> The size of this structure is a bit more than 1cm.
> Can anyone tell me what it is ?
> The picture can be seen at : http://www.meteor-center.com/chondr1.jpg  or
> Thanks a lot,
> Pierre

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