[meteorite-list] PolandMET News : 2 new meteorite FALLs !!

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Sat Apr 24 19:47:42 EDT 2004

Hello List.
I have big pleasure to announce 2 new falls in my offer.

AMGALA chondrite, Fall from Western Sahara, Maroco . I have polished slices and endpieces
with verry nice visible brecciation and chondrules and ofcourse super black crust.

And now something verry special. For the FIRST time You can see slices from meteorite that
fall in Burkina Faso in November 2003. This is super fresh incredible looking chondrite. I
worked on this fall from December, but only some days ago I received one little sample of
this new fall. Quality of this meteorite is similar only with other new falls like
Bensour, Kilabo or Park Forest etc. TKW is several kilo or more. Location of this fall is
near LAMPIAYRIE village, 200km from Bilanga to border with Niger. This is all information
that I received for now.
Meteorite is gray inside with troilite and interesting dark inclusions. There is also many
good visible chondrules. I give to this fall provinsional name LAMPIAYRIE. Classification
is pending.

I also have some other verry rare meteorites (with LOW prices) that I announced some time
ago like OUZINA [R4], PULTUSK [H5], NWA1839 [L7], KAINSAZ [CO3], DHOFAR908 [LUN],
DHOFAR019 [SHE], NWA801 [CR2] and many many other.

If someone is interested in buying or only want to see some excelent specimens, please
open my page at http://www.PolandMET.com

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