[meteorite-list] info standardization

David & Bonnie Priest dpriest at gvtc.com
Sun Apr 25 10:55:32 EDT 2004

Hello List,
I've just finished updating my collection with a few new specimens. For me,
this involves updating the database on the computer, printing out any
applicable information about the find (i.e. an ebay listing, journal
citation, etc.) and placing this in a notebook with the receipt. Then I
place the dealer's specimen card into one of those nifty business card
notebooks with the plastic pocket pages.

This keeps the obsessive compulsive neurons in my old brain happy.

The glitch in this process is: the specimen cards are often of a sort-
of-approaching-but-not-precisely... business card size. So I end up trimming
the little varmints to size.

Might the dealers consider agreeing on a standard format for their specimen
info cards? Would the IMCA benefit from a standard information card
populating all of those collections scattered around the world? For many
collectors, the card accompanying the specimen might be the only document in
the collection.

Perhaps an agreed upon card template could be placed on the IMCA site for

Best Regards,
David Priest

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