[meteorite-list] Nininger to Perry Letter; July 4, 1952 (letter two)

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(American Meteorite Museum Letterhead)

Dear Stuart:
You know, I think the Perry's and the Nininger's could create and leave to posterity a METORITE INSTITUTE that our descendants would feel very proud of. It can be done in a manner that would make it self-supporting and at the same time would be in position to accept and make use of endowments that might be offered. Eventually, it would probably become an outpost of some university or of the Smithsonian and in all probability would become part of a Meteor Crater Nat'l Park where researches of all kind could be carried out.
All of this could be done by the simple procedure of you furnishing the necessary funds for a proper building in an ideal location that is immediately available one half mile from where we are now located.
In view of your numerous contributions to meteorites in the past it would not be necessary for your cash to anywhere near match the contribution of our collection. We could be equal co-founders by you supplying a building which would cost from $50,000 to $75,000. It would not be necessary to put up all of this immediately. Half of it would make possible an immediate set-up that would insure at least twice our present income. The final touches could be added later. Once properly housed and in the right location the income from this collection would care for everything.
I like to recall that we both started our meteorite collecting the same year. And it can fairly be said that the present great interest in meteorites dates from that year, coming up to a gradual but steady growth. It seems to me fitting that our interest and efforts should be perpetuated in an institution devoted to the furthermore of this science.
Please let us have your reaction to this suggestion and if favorable, we will go into details. Our present lease expires a year from this month.
H.H. Nininger

(Mark note:  It does not appear to me that the letter was wrote "a long time ago but had never mailed" as Nininger stated.  In earlier Nininger to Perry letters, they are very formal in start.  (Dear Perry, rather then Dear Stuart or Dear Friend.)

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