[meteorite-list] Meteorite Care 101

moni waiblinger-seabridge moni2555 at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 23:29:26 EDT 2004

Wow, that is good news!!

Hi Kevin Heider!

A member from Sacramento!!
I live in Carmichael and joined this list a year and a half ago!
This list will help you out for sure!
I am still new at this myself!
Good luck and Sternengruss, Moni

>From: "Kevin Heider" <kpheider at attbi.com>
>To: "Meteor List" <Meteorite-list at meteoritecentral.com>
>Subject: [meteorite-list] Meteorite Care 101
>Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 16:18:15 -0700
>Hello Group,
>I am new to meteorite collecting and have just purchased my first 
>I purchased a 5.81kg NEW CAMPO meteorite!  Since it is large specimen I 
>be using it as my center (main show) piece.
>I have checked on the internet about taking care of meteorites and found:
>As a Newbie I have a few questions:
>How often should I apply Mineral Oil? (every 6-12 months?)
>Do you prefer Mineral Oil over Sheath, and Rust GuardIt, WD40?
>Should I apply the mineral oil to my finger and then to the meteorite,
>or would you recommend applying it to a a paper towel and then the 
>Should I EVER use 95+% ethyl alcohol to clean my New Campo?
>Where do I go to purchase a Plexiglass container? (Walmart, rock shop, 
>hardware store?)
>Where do I purchase desiccants? (hardware store?)
>Sorry for all newbie questions, but I want to do this right.  I don't want 
>my center
>piece rusting.
>Kevin Heider
>Sacramento, CA
>(Keywords: Meteorite, Meteor, Iron, Rust, Care, Preserve, Preserving, 
>Protect, Oil)
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