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 daistiho at hotmail.com writes:
Does anyone have good instructions on how to locate the old museum?  Do we 
need to contact anyone about prowling 
the property?
The ruins of the museum are impossible to miss, once you've turned gotten to 
the Meteor Crater exit from the highway.  As you head off the highway and 
begin to go toward the crater, there will be a gas station on your right, and a 
road that leads toward the fully-visible Museum ruins on your left.  That old 
road toward the Museum is (barely) paved, and it may or may not be actual Route 
66 pavement.  Nininger's Museum was always advertised as being right on Route 
66 but I'm still unsure if the road from the gas station to the Museum is 
actually a remnant of "The Mother Road" or not.

As to permission/accessibility, I've heard various reports -- it seems to 
depend on whom you talk to.  When I went there for the first time, I had been 
told in advance that the Museum ruins were on private property and trespassers 
would be prosecuted if caught.  However, in chatting with employees of that 
nearby gas station, they said, "Sure, no problem, go on up and take a look."     
So I did.   ;-)

The Museum in its heyday:


And the way it looks now (with the rim of the crater in the distance)


Have fun!


J. Gregory Wilson
2118 Wilshire Blvd. #918 
Santa Monica, CA 90403
(310) 913-2598
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