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Hello Gregory, Tracy and list,

Gregory wrote, "The ruins of the museum are impossible to miss, once you've turned gotten to the Meteor Crater exit from the highway.  As you head off the highway and begin to go toward the crater, there will be a gas station on your right, and a road that leads toward the fully-visible Museum ruins on your left.  That old road toward the Museum is (barely) paved, and it may or may not be actual Route 66 pavement.  Nininger's Museum was always advertised as being right on Route 66 but I'm still unsure if the road from the gas station to the Museum is actually a remnant of "The Mother Road" or not."

The museum is located on Route 66 and as Gregory noticed it is directly beside the gas station......but maybe 1/4 mile from it.  The museum is the only building in that small little area so it is impossible to miss.  I noticed the museum from about a mile away.  Interesting to note is that an Eagle (or a Hawk) nest has been built in the top of the tower.  While I hope nobody disturbs the nest, it is nice to see that the tower is currently a home.

On a recent trip to the museum ruin's a local was examining the site with me.  After much thought he turned to me and said, "Can you believe the Indians made such a site so long ago."  I explained the history of the museum and mentioned a few other sites that were built in the same manner in Northern Arizona.  I think everywhere you go locals are pretty good at using what is available.  However, I think I would have looked a little harder for other building materials.

I have made a really quick map and have put it on the Kansas Meteorite Society website, since it is Nininger information, and my website is almost out of extra space.   


First person to e-mail me their address can have this somewhat crappy map for free.   

Mark Bostick
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