[meteorite-list] Map to the American Meteorite Museum

almitt almitt at kconline.com
Mon Apr 26 15:32:53 EDT 2004


Nininger's Museum was always advertised as being right on Route 66 but I'm still
unsure if the road from the gas station to the Museum is actually a remnant of "The
Mother Road" or not."

Hi Mark and all,

While surfing the net one time, I ran across a route 66 website which was telling
about different sections that the old route took. Mainly for those wanting to go down
the route where they could. Some areas now are impossible to travel or unsafe. He had
it laid out in different sections. On one of those sections he shows the Nininger
Museum ruins and asked if anyone could shed some light on the ruins (of which I did).
These people have good detailed information on the old route and according to this
fellow that is indeed the old route 66 road that runs in front of the museum or to the
south of it between the museum and the crater. All my best!


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