[meteorite-list] New Meteorite Found in Canada

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Two thoughts came to mind while regarding the article below...

1)  Doesn't Canada have some kind of moratorium on sales of meteorites from their country??

2)  What type of disability prevents you from working but allows you the ability to go hunting??  While I don't believe in hunting, I could certainly use that type of "disability" to work on my soccer game!!   <<wink>>


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Hope he doesn't  start spending money he doesn't have and never will get.
I hate the way the media sensationalizes every meteorite find.  This guy is going to be disappointed when reality sets in.

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>Hunter hits meteorite pay dirt 
>CanWest News Services 
>April 26, 2004 
>A Winnipeg man down on his luck has hit pay dirt with a couple of strange 
>rocks he found on a hunting trip. 
>Scientists have confirmed Derek Erstelle's finds are meteorite fragments 
>containing among the rarest and oldest materials in the solar system -- and 
>are potentially worth $100,000. The news couldn't have come at a better 
>time for Erstelle, 47, who has been out of work and on disability for four 
>"I'm hoping this will clean things up a bit . . . I could certainly use 
>it," Erstelle said. 
>Martin Beech, who teaches astronomy at the University of Regina, said 
>the rocks are meteorite fragments from the core of an asteroid that was 
>involved in a collision with another asteroid millions of years ago. 
>"Asteroid material is the first material that formed in the solar system," 
>Beech said. 
>He said collectors would eagerly pay $10 per gram for Erstelle's rare 
>find. The two fragments weigh a combined 9.8 kilograms, which could net 
>Erstelle a cool $100,000. 
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