[meteorite-list] odd stone, Baltimore area

Marco Langbroek marco.langbroek at wanadoo.nl
Wed Apr 28 01:28:15 EDT 2004

Hi all,

Through our DMS website we got a mail including the following text:

"This sounds totally crazy, but I think I might have found a meteorite.  The
other night there were reported Meteor Showers in the Baltimore area.  The
next day my car window was smashed and lying on my seat was a small stone
less than one inch in size.  There appears to be small crystals imbedded in
the stone.  The car was parked in a remote area where, and based on the size
of the stone there is no way that a person could have thrown it at a car
window and totally smashed it.  People I work with say I'm out of my mind,
that if it were a meteor it would have gone right through the car, etc. But
I just don't have any other explanation for this broken window and a
mysterious stone the night after meteor showers were reported in the area.
Please advise what I need to do or where I need to go to determine whether
this stone might me a meteor."

While this does not quite sound like a meteorite to me: anyone in the
Baltimore area willing to contact this person and check it out? Contact me
off-list for contact details.

- Marco

Marco Langbroek
Leiden, the Netherlands
52.15896 N, 4.48884 E (WGS 84)

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