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Tommy and List,  

Meteorite Burning Hoax and Other Meteor/Meteorite Related Hoaxes a Short History

  Unfortunately this crap hoax has been picked up by The Daily Mail UK, The Sun UK, Metro UK and is making its way into the US press as fact. This type of Sterno burning hoax was first used in Israel and reported as a burning meteorite on a beach in Bat Yam in April 2010. So much for the press doing any verification of the story prior to printing.

  We have had the Latvia Telephone Co. crater hoax 2009 (done for a publicity stunt), the German boy 2009 and copy-cat children getting hit by meteorites, the Xinjiang China impact crater hoax (bomb crater) the India Engineering College "Meteorite" Killing 2016 (buried TNT or other explosive in the campus of the college),
Nicaragua Impact Crater on an airbase 2014 (a bomb or explosive likely accidentally released by an aircraft) and more in the past.
  There have been numerous contrails reported as meteor trails, and faked meteor videos from Mexico, Oklahoma City and others.

  The media in the past have also claimed forest fires in Colorado and Australia were the result of meteorite impact.

 One man in the US has written that the Great Chicago Fire was caused by a meteorite strike.

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"A man in Georgia claims to have found a burning meteorite in a small 

impact crater in his yard and captured video footage of his discovery 

moments after impact on July 21.

But is it real?"





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