[meteorite-list] Ad - Eclipse Sale, Unclassified Meteorites, Cigar Box Kilo Lot, More.

Galactic Stone & Ironworks meteoritemike at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 23:30:05 EDT 2017

Hi Friends and Collectors,

Just in time for the coming full solar eclipse, I have a some new
meteorites to offer. Those new specimens are linked below. Also, over
the next two days, I will be listing some much smaller stones, but I
will not announce these with another email. So, after you inspect the
new offerings linked below, keep an eye on the "Brand New" page of the
website over the next couple of days for additional specimens to be
made available.

Use coupon code "metlist" at checkout for 20% OFF your entire order.  :)


Unclassified stony meteorites. Old collection, Saharan (NWA)
recoveries from the 1990's. Whole specimens with fusion crust,
regmaglypts, and nice aesthetic features for display. Also, a kilogram
lot of unclassified stones in a wood cigar box.

Cigar Box Collection, Kilo Lot -

Unclassified chondrite, flight-marked w/ crust, 654g -

Unclassified chondrite, aerodynamic stone w/ crust, 477g -

Unclassified chondrite, wind-polished, desert varnished stone, 474g -

Unclassified chondrite, flight-marked w/ black crust, 389g -

Unclassified chondrite, dark crusted whole stone, 148g -

Unclassified chondrite, aerodynamic stone w/ crust, 136g -

Unclassified chondrite, whole stone w/ crust, 110g -

All new specimens (keep on eye on this page tomorrow!) -

Thanks for looking!

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