[meteorite-list] 10 Mislabeled Meteorites - Meteorite lot $1.99 starting bid

Pekka Savolainen pekka.savolainen at dlc.fi
Thu Aug 17 08:49:39 EDT 2017

"Dhofar" may be a bit complicated ;-)
"Hamada Du Draa" is El Hammami

16.8.2017, 23:34, Ruben Garcia via Meteorite-list kirjoitti:
> These specimens are not in the meteorite bulletin as they are labeled.
> This means that the provisional name or the field name was not used as
> was assumed at the time of labeling.  So one would need to take each
> specimen one by one and do a little detective work via the internet to
> determine it's true name and then to see if it has been classified.
> I'm just to lazy to do it, so a little research can save you money!
> http://www.ebay.com/itm/10-Mislabeled-Meteorites-Meteorite-lot-A-little-research-can-save-you-/222615380090?

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