[meteorite-list] In Passing - Distinguished Doctor Ehlmann

Kevin Kichinka marsrox at gmail.com
Sun Aug 20 20:08:07 EDT 2017

Team Meteorite:

There was a time when I had a reason to exchange a couple of emails with
Dr. Ehlmann. That was back when AOL  was dial-up, so they are presumably
lost. I recall that he replied quickly and courteously to someone unknown
at that time within the greater meteoritic orbit.

The years are passing, and with each additional orbit another star in our
galaxy of legends falls into the Sun.

Lacking a worthy sentiment to add to those already expressed, I looked in
'The Art of Collecting Meteorites' for whatever I once reported that might

In a piece about David New.....

"New also became friends with Dr. Arthur Ehlmann, the Curator of the Oscar
E. Monnig Collection at Texas Christian University. Beginning in 1993, they
worked together for several years to label and exchange material, building
the collection from 368 localities to 1,115 as of this writing. "It has
truly been a pleasure, seeing the collection develope with good balance in
all types of meteorites" said Ehlmann."

Working together. That reminds me to add condolences to Geoff Notkin, who
was close to Arthur and must be grieving tonight.

Kevin Kichinka
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