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Dear Rhiannon,

With a heavy heart I hope you can receive as well as forward
my condolences to Carol and all of Art's friends and extended family. 

Art was the most generous and encouraging curator I can
contemplate, thoroughly engrossed and enjoying his profession.
Art inspired me when we met several times, and that generosity 
continues to inspire me today in it special way. 

Not only did he invite me into TCU's museum, but he and Carol
kindly had me over for dinner on an occasion and I thoroughly
enjoyed our conversations, which if I recalled, those migrated 
between meteorites to wild birds and then flew back some.

Please find attached three images I would like to share. 

#A is the three of us having a bite to eat in a cafe on campus I
believe you know well; 
#B is a picture inside the museum of a meteorite I had a long
and happy discussion with Art about, the pallasite Otinapa; and 
#C was Art in his infinite enthusiasm and generosity - driving 
me to Dallas to catch a bus home.  I always liked due to the 
three way reflections and Art's pleasant smile.

Art is now en-route to that place where we all eventually go, 
and he will be missed by those temporarily left behind.
I know we will eventually meet our mercurial gazes again 
in the living exhibition of the sky, and rest our feet upon a 
fascinating and warming hearthstone together.

In celebration of his beautiful life, and with respect and prayers to 
Carol and family,

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All the information I have so far:

Art Ehlmann's memorial will be on Monday August 28th at 2pm in the Robert Carr Chapel at TCU. There will be a reception at the Monnig Meteorite Gallery afterwards. 

I know Carol would appreciate it if some of his meteorite friends attended. 


Dr. Rhiannon Mayne 
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