[meteorite-list] Stability of Sericho (Habaswein)

Adam Hupe raremeteorites at centurylink.net
Mon Dec 4 12:14:43 EST 2017

My advice is to stay away from any sliced pieces with a lacquer or 
clear-coat surface.  It is sign that shortcuts were taken in its 
preparation.  Proper polishing reduces the surface area on cut pieces of 
any meteorite aiding in the prevention of "lawrencite disease."  Not 
only that, these coatings will accelerate the deterioration process by 
trapping moisture.  It is important to store this material in low 
humidity environments with plenty of air circulation.  Also, exposure to 
direct sunlight will cause the crystals to darken with time.

A lot of collectors are in the wait and see mode since there are several 
metric tons of this material available. The lowest price I have seen was 
around 46 cents a gram for a recently sold piece on eBay.

Happy Collecting,


On 12/2/2017 5:14 AM, Andrey via Meteorite-list wrote:
> Hello Dear List Members,
> Just a small question to new Sericho (was Habaswein) Kenya pallasite 
> owners, dealers, cutters: how stable is it?
>  From my own experience I noticed its extreme degree of instability, 
> similar to Admire or even more... Is this unlucky piece, just fortuity 
> or is it really so?
> Thanks in advance for your answers,
> Andrey,
> IMCA#6240
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