[meteorite-list] Stability of Sericho (Habaswein)

Adam Hupe raremeteorites at centurylink.net
Mon Dec 4 13:23:02 EST 2017

I have extensive experience with Pallasites having collected them since 
the 1990s . My all-time favorite is Esquel.  The Esquel had a clear coat 
finish applied to it and I saw one small rust spot appear.  I removed 
the coating and polished it properly and it has been trouble-free ever 
since.  Of course I live in the Mohave desert so humidity is not a problem.

The best advice I can give to a collector is to avoid rusters 
altogether.  I learned the hard way and have lost thousands on 
improperly prepared Pallasites or specimens prone to rust. I pulled one 
example out of my safe several years ago and was dismayed to see that it 
had disintegrated. The only thing holding it together was the clear coat 
shell that prevented the crystals from popping out. The slice was 
actually flexible since the metal was all but gone.  The clear coat held 
it together long enough for me to throw it in a trashcan.

A good specimen should not need any coatings or treatment in my opinion.


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