[meteorite-list] Meteorites used for iron tools in the Bronze Age

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Hello All,

A segue on iron in meteorites...a new study of Bronze Age tools and
ornaments confirms the use of iron from meteorites, including King Tut's
dagger. Almost all tools were bronze then, but in some rare cases
iron-based artifacts have been discovered dating back to the Bronze Age.
At the time, they lacked the technology to achieve the extreme
temperatures for smelting in order to extract the iron locked inside the
Earth-based ores, so they relied on the extraterrestrial source which
had iron in a workable state. The French researchers used a portable
X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to identify the tell-tale higher nickel
and cobalt content indicating the meteorite sourcing. If you look
closely at the photo in the article, you can see that even Ole King Tut
had a bit of rust to deal with...! 

Here is the full article: 

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