[meteorite-list] AD: lunar breccia, NWA 11327 Rumuruti, Mukundpura CM2 quality polished meteorite Thin Sections in EBay

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Sun Dec 17 08:06:21 EST 2017

Dear Collectors and List Members!  

Ending soon on Sunday my meteorite auctions on E-Bay!  

You can see them here:

Lunar feldspathic breccia fragments, end-cut - classification is pending
from 94 USD   

The World latest witnessed fall meteorite, Kheneg Ljouâd LL5/6, Morocco, 12
of July 2017         
Very fresh and 3rd type Fusion Crusted !!!!   4.34 gr 110 USD   
NWA 11398 CV3 fragment 60 USD         

NWA 11327 Rumuruti R3 big end-cut, full-slices from 135 USD         

NWA 11406 CO3 full-slice (stunning!) 70 USD        

NWA 11470 L3.3 very nice and fresh end-cut 700 USD           

NWA 11471 L3.2 big full-slice, end-cut from 88 USD         

Seymchan polished pallasite slices, brecciated, very nice        

Regmaglypted A+ quality Sikhote-Alin irons        

Fusion crsted Gao-Guenie H5, regmaglipted, oriented pieces (cleaned each
one) 38-45 USD         

Very nice, fresh black Fusion Crusted, contraction cracked NWA poss.
chondrites fom 30 USD        

Shatter-cones !!! Steinheim, Germany - text-book like shaped, GPS
Coordinated from 25 USD       

Ries, Germany very rare - GLASS impactites with GPS coordinates          

Very nice shaped NWA chondrites           


Polished, high quality meteorite Thin Sections- there are cheap from 60 USD
Aiquile H5, 2016 Bolivia witnessed fall     
Chelyabinsk LL5 Fusion Cruszed     
Campo del Cielo silicated iron - very nice !      
Historic Mocs, 1882, Romania         
Mukundpura CM2 !!!! - 201, India,  witnessed fall        
NWA 10580 C3.0   super rare       
NWA 11470 L3.3 - super nice    

Off Ebay Thin Sections:       
NWA 6858 CV3 - elliptical shaped chondrules !!! 70 USD        
Mendota - very famous pseudometeorite (meteorworng) 50 USD        
Kölked H5 - Hungary found chonsrite (rare)     

Best Regards! 
Zsolt Kereszty
IMCA#6251, MetSoc, IMO

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