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Hi Friends and Collectors,

Every once in a while, I acquire some material that I get genuinely
excited about. This is one of those times. If you are not familiar
with Dr. Robert S. Dietz, you should Google him. He was a pioneering
scientist who helped form the modern understanding on plate tectonics
and impact dynamics.He was also a part of the team that built the
bathyscaphe Trieste that made the record-setting descent into the
deepest part of the ocean - Challenger Deep in 1960. He was also a
contemporary of the legendary Jacques Cousteau and helped the US
government purchase it's first "aqualung" devices (scuba gear). In
short, Dr. Dietz was probably one of the most scientists that most
people have never heard of.

Upon his death in 1995, his grandson donated the bulk of his meteorite
collection to a university.  I have acquired some of these specimens
that were recently deaccessioned from that university collection.

Use coupon code "metlist" at checkout for 20% OFF all prices.  :)

So, without further ado, here are the new specimens : (in alphabetical order)

Bjurbole micromounts (Dietz) -

Canyon Diablo thumbnail boxes (Dietz/Nininger/Huss) -

Canyon Diablo meteorite "outreach bags" (Dietz/Nininger/Huss) -

Canyon Diablo mounted meteorite card -

Canyon Diablo lot of 19 meteorites (Dietz) -

Jbilet Winselwan CM2 uncut fragment (1.05g) -

Jbilet Winselwan CM2 uncut fragment (1.3g) -

Odessa iron meteorite lot of 10 (Dietz) -

Potter micromount (Dietz) -

Waconda micromount (Dietz) -

All new specimens - http://galactic-stone.com/brand-new/

Thanks for looking!


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