[meteorite-list] AD: New shipment of Lunars from Western Sahara

Robert Verish bolidechaser at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 1 04:31:41 EDT 2017

Hello all Lunar collectors and dealers, 

Well, it's another month and the finders of these "new Lunar" stones are still sending them to the US market, even though their prices are at historic lows.  This is clearly a Lunar "buyer's market", giving collectors the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that they may never see again. 

Apparently, these finders are going to the published coordinates for known and classified Lunar meteorites and are cleaning-up the locality of "missed" stones, so technically these are not really "new Lunar meteorites", and therefore, are limited in quantity.  Don't wait, because diminishing returns will result in a reversal of the current price trend. 

Pricing is structured according to specimen size and is as follows:

Up to 50 grams - $55
51 to 100 grams - $50 per gram
101 to 200 grams - $45 per gram 
These are special prices for Met-Listees, so don't wait for these specimens to appear on eBay. 

Another pre-eBay benefit - I am offering to cut (or window) your purchased stones for free.  So, for consortiums, or even for a couple collectors that team-up, but have no means to "split-up" their stone, 
I will do that for them. 

Currently, I have sub-gram pieces, but the following specimens are in transit, so you have some time to "team-up", but you should pick and place "on Hold" your choices the sooner the better: 
(in grams)
25.0 (endcut)
74.2 (NWA 10986 main-mass) 
185g main-mass currently on eBay 

I have group photos of the specimens on their way to me, but the images of individual stones are currently low-quality.  Here is a link where I will place images of these specimens: 

Placing stones "On-Hold" will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  Several more smaller stones will be in transit to me after this batch, but this appears to be the beginning of "diminishing returns" from the strewn-field. Shipping and insurance for your purchased specimens is separate and specific to each purchase. 
Thanks for your interest in Western Sahara Lunar meteorites, 
Bob Verish

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