[meteorite-list] Ad - New Small Stony uNWA Meteorites, Chelyabinsk Peas, Awaruite Nuggets, Shergottite, Ungrouped Achondrite

Galactic Stone & Ironworks meteoritemike at gmail.com
Sat Jun 3 11:50:30 EDT 2017

Hi Friends and Collectors,

I have listed several smaller unclassified meteorites. These are the
same nice aesthetics as the larger pieces I offered previously, but
these are smaller in overall size. I also listed a nice (and strange)
Vladimir Putin t-shirt that would make a great gag-gift.

As always, use coupon code "metlist" at checkout for 20% OFF!

Space Rocks - stony asteroid fragments. From the distant reaches of
the asteroid belt, they streaked across the skies of Earth as
brilliant fireballs which exploded over the remote Saharan Desert. The
next chapter of their long journey begins when they arrive in your
mailbox - over four billion years after they were formed in the
distant void of outer space.

Unclassified chondrites from Morocco. Uncut stones and whole
fragments. Each comes with ID label. Use coupon code "facebook" for
20% OFF your entire order.

Uncut unclassified stone (71g) -

Uncut unclassified stone (61g) -

Uncut unclassified stone (54g) -

Uncut unclassified stone (53g) -

Uncut unclassified stone (12g) -

Vlad Putin Russia Shirt -

All new specimens - http://www.galactic-stone.com/products/brand-new?pagesize=48

Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!


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