[meteorite-list] AD: Big historic Magura iron, 1840, Slovakia, lot of meteorite mirror polished Thin Sections, Henbury, NWA 10580 CO3.0 and nice meteorites in EBay

cbo cbo at t-online.hu
Sun Jun 11 02:41:28 EDT 2017

Dear Collectors!

Ending soon in Sunday in my HUNMET EBay lot of my meteorite and Thin Section

A few auctions started from 1.99USD

See my Ebay site here:

Very rare and BIG Magura IAB-MG iron meteorite quality etched slice with
original Museum Label
It has a very nice choenited pattern! It found in Slovakia, 1840 - price
1499 USD - include 2 Museum Labels
See here: http://tinyurl.com/yaf9zgyq

Paired to NWA 10303 largest weighted lunar Thin Section 140USD First Thin
Section of this lunar on the Market!
Allende (barred olivine chondrule !), historic Mocs, Zagami, Campo del Cielo
Thin Sections also !

NWA 10669 LL3.2-3.4 big slices with nice chondrules
Whole prepared chondrules of NWA 10669 LL3. Olivines also.

NWA 10580 CO3.0 carbonaceous individual !!! Very nice, fresh ! only 99USD

Very nice well shape NWA OCs

Henbury individual iron, nice shaped for 99 USD

BIG Chelyabinsk slices

Rizalite tekite, half flanged-button tekite 180USD,

Sidi Ali Ou Azza L4 witnessed fall meteorite from 2015, 3rd largest in the
World 1500USD

and many more meteorites

Best Regards!
Zsolt Kereszty
IMCA, MetSoc

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