[meteorite-list] NEMS post that I forwarded

Don Edwards icedance at swbell.net
Mon Jun 12 12:40:26 EDT 2017

Background to the NEMS post which I sent/forwarded to the list:
Russ Kempton offers an "is this a meteorite" service (cheap) for people who think they have found one.
On June 7, he received some specimens and pictures with the "is this a meteorite" question and determined that it is one, a pallasite, and the sender who sent it from Kenya, had said that there was much more.
Russ isn't on the met-list so hadn't seen the MF announcements but thought that some people should be told about a "huge new" find. So he sent specimens off for further analysis, set up a web page, and asked me to send the link to the met list as a service to the met-list members.
Only after the link was "published" did he find out that announcements had already been made, and about the theft.
He/I also didn't know until now that the sender of the specimens had contacted many people directly.
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