[meteorite-list] Impressive NWA 5000 Secondary Market Notes

Raremeteorites raremeteorites at centurylink.net
Wed Jun 14 12:53:23 EDT 2017

I have been watching the secondary market on the new NWA 5000, Kialara "To 
The Moon" Bit Coin suite.  There is an ongoing auction right now for a suite 
that could have been purchased a few months ago for $1,798.00 and is now bid 
up to $14,618.72 and the auction is not due to end until the 17th.  This is 
the unloaded price!  I have a feeling this will be bid over $20,000.00. 
Talk about a good investment.  I will give List Members a heads up next 
time.  These suites sold out in less than four minutes setting an all-time 

Link to ongoing auction:

Image of the "Great Woz", Apple Computer cofounder holding a Kialara Bit 
Coin holder:

Bill Clinton holding one:

Best Regards,


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