[meteorite-list] Happy Birthday Tunguska

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Fri Jun 30 13:00:30 EDT 2017

Happy Birthday Tunguska! - June 30, 1908 : (00:14 UT, 7:14pm EST),
Krasnoyarsk Krai, Siberia, Russia - it was just after dinnertime when
the sky suddenly exploded in a cataclysmic detonation that obliterated
nearly 2000 square kilometers of unpopulated wilderness in remote
Siberia. The entire region around the Tunguska River was a blackened
wasteland and millions of trees were knocked over like matchsticks.

The airburst explosion and resulting plasma shockwave both flattened
and scorched the target area, which was populated mostly by animals
and few humans. This explosion would have easily destroyed a large

Scientists later determined that the event was caused by the explosion
of an incoming comet or asteroid which was completely vaporized by the
extreme forces produced by the airburst.


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