[meteorite-list] AD: Hungary meteorites 6pcs set, Tunguska Wood sample (University of Bologna), lunars, lot of meteorite auctions in Ebay

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Sun Dec 2 12:13:52 EST 2018

Dear Collectors and List Members!  

Ending soon on Sunday my meteorite auctions in E-Bay!  

You can see them here:

Hungary meteorites 6pcs set
Kaba, Kisvarsany, Nyirabrany, Ofeherto, Kolked, Csatalja

Tunguska Wood Sample with the 1908 ring (University of Bologna piece)

Cheap lunar! NWA11695 lunar feldspathic breccias
NWA 11576 HED eucrite mleted breccia !!! very nice 
Allende end-cut - CAI tonned    
Very nice Impact Melt Breccias from niger, 2017   
Kheneg Ljouâd LL5/6, Morocco, fell: 12 of July 2017         
NWA 11398 CV3 big slice         
NWA 11327 Rumuruti R3         
NWA 11470 L3.3 very nice and fresh end-cut           
NWA 11471 L3.2 big full-slice, end-cut   
Pallasite polished slice - Brahin 

Regmaglypted A+ quality Sikhote-Alin irons        
Fusion crusted Gao-Guenie H5, regmaglipted, oriented piece           
Moldavites from Chlum, Czech    

Polished, high quality meteorite Thin Sections   

Best Regards! 
Zsolt Kereszty
IMCA#6251, MetSoc, IMO

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