[meteorite-list] Fw: Wanted impactites and some help finding someone.

drtanuki drtanuki at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 3 23:00:40 EST 2018

  I am trying to locate anyone that purchased any of the "round balls", claiming that they were impact related, from a man in Missouri.  He was selling on ebay and I cannot locate. Name, email?
  Also I am looking for Kentland Shatter cones from the member that was sourcing them from the field. Azura (Spain), Brasil impactites and glass from Argentina.
  Any OTHER hard to obtain impactites as are sought if you have any.  Houghton Crater; if in doubt still contact me on other impactites.

  Thank you in advance. 

Please contact me offlist.   drtanuki at gmail.com
Thanks.Best always,  Dirk Ross

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