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Hello All

I just added 17 more stones to the webpage. All beautiful complete crusted 


>From the moon tearing to shreds to illness to feeling cold upon impact, this 
fall has the bells and whistles for those who collect for history, 
superstition and stories. For those that do not, it's just another L6...but 
a pretty one with a variety of different fusion crust types.


Hours of the fall Around 8 pm, on the evening of Friday, July 27, 2018.

The actual fall

It was a peaceful early evening with clear skies. The southern Malagasy part 
is in the middle of the dry and hot season. The moon appeared on the horizon 
in its full moon, dominating all the countryside, without electricity, with 
its brilliant light. This usual peaceful full moon has suddenly changed into 
an unprecedented, moving, historic full moon and not like the others.

It began with a luminous trail, like a fireball and reached a certain height 
of the ground, a detonation was heard, like a low noise of thunder. The 
fireball exploded and turned into a rain of fire, like fireworks. The fires 
then fell on the ground with successive rumblings in several places, and the 
earth began to vibrate on fire with the earth, like a small magnitude 

It is a frightening sight because it is unheard of and therefore strange.

Just after the fall, some people living near certain areas of the falls ran 
to see what had fallen from the sky. It is with great amazement that they 
have learned, at a certain distance from the place of the fall, that it is a 
fall of black stone from the sky.

Direct contact with meteorites When a person finally dared to approach and 
touched the black stone, it was with great astonishment that this person 
learned, by touch, that the stone was very icy. And all the stones found 
that night, right after the fall, were incredibly cold, because only a few 
minutes ago they were on fire.

Oh how great was the emotion of people taking a piece of stones of alien 
origin! They are smooth, in places and strangely heavy.

But to the dismay of all, it seems that the stones gave off a gas with 
multiple effects, in contact, according to the sensitivity of people. For 
some, the contact with the stone causes a small irritation to the eyes and 
makes tears fall, while for others, irritation is felt in the nostrils and 
causes a momentary runny nose.

After the fall, the eclipse

A few minutes after the fall, the sky was covered with a trail of smoke that 
eventually hid the moon. Once the clouds of smoke dissipated, the moon shone 
in full moonlight, but to the amazement of all, a small part of the moon 
began to sink slowly and it was then that the people of this little 
community were beginning to think that perhaps the moon stones were coming 
off the moon and destroying the earth. It was the end of the world. From 
that moment, people understood that it was no longer a show but it is the 
apocalypse, the great stupor. People ran to hide from the impending danger. 
The dark part was beginning to invade the greater part of the moon. Then, 
the color of the moon turned red like blood, presaging a grave danger for 
the earth. Then followed the total eclipse for hours. The moon did not 
return to full moon again until early morning.

Meteorites according to people

In this context, the meteorites were, according to the people, stones that 
were torn off the moon and straying on the ground.

Rob Wesel
Nakhla Dog Meteorites


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