[meteorite-list] Scale Cube

Sterling Webb sterling_k_webb at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 13 21:31:16 EST 2018

Francesco and List,
Amazon (which has many European 
outlets and delivers to over 50 European 
countries) has a very nice 1 cm scale 
cube of gold-plated tungsten carbide 
with top, bottom, north, south, east, 
and west well-marked, made by a 
company named "Scale Objects" for 
US$28. As it's of negligible weight, 
air shipping should be minimal. The 
cube is beautiful, useful and quite 
precise (I checked it with a micrometer). 
Tungsten carbide has a low coefficient 
of expansion and is quite hard.

Now, all I need is a large newly 
discovered meteorite in situ, ready 
to be photographed...
Sterling K. Webb
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