[meteorite-list] Did a Supernova Kill Earth's Marine Megafauna 2.5 Million Years Ago?

Paul etchplain at att.net
Sat Dec 15 18:29:01 EST 2018

Megalodon may have been killed off by Supernova

radiation, Hannah Osborne, Newsweek, December 13, 2018


Massive supernova explosion may have wiped out giant

prehistoric sharks, scientists say. Megalodon may have

been among creatures driven to extinction after cosmic

particles drove up cancer rates, new study claims

The Independent, Josh Gabbatiss, December 2018


The paper is;

Adrian L. Melott, Franciole Marinho, and Laura Paulucci

2018, Hypothesis: Muon Radiation Dose and Marine

Megafaunal Extinction at the End-Pliocene Supernova.

Astrobiology, Published Online, November 27, 2018



Paul H.

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