[meteorite-list] Scientists, Researchers, and Collectors - Fusion Crusted CM1 stones for sale!

Ruben Garcia rubengarcia85382 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 10:27:54 EST 2018

Hi all,

I am happy to announce that I have for sale NWA 12328 - a newly classified,
and very fresh CM1 meteorite!

Look at the photos - they’re worth seeing - even if not interested in


This is only the 4th CM1 Meteorite found outside of Antarctica and (as far
as I know) the only CM1 currently for sale to the public.

These specimens weighed only 42 grams total and after cut loss and donating
20% to the classifying university I have only 33.89 grams left for sale.

While there have been a few (26 total) CM1 meteorites found most were tiny
fragments. It’s important to remember that the total known weight of all
CM1 meteorites combined is only about a kilo total. The bulk of which is
made up by Moapa Valley as it weighed 699 grams!

The few (4) specimens I have for sale have jet black fusion crust and are
very fresh looking.

22.16 gram individual, 10.96 gram individual, .4647 gram crusted fragment,
.306 gram crusted fragment.


Pricing is similar to Moapa Valley when it was sold nearly ten years ago,
but this one is far fresher and much less TKW.

If interested, please contact me.

*Northwest Africa 12328*



Rock On!

Ruben Garcia

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