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Two of the finest lunar feldspathic breccias offered as complete slices.They are now being offered at waning prices not offered anywhere. 
NWA 11273A spectacular slice of lunar feldspathic breccia, peppered with large and small clasts. One surface polished. At 2.2 mm thick across the entire slice, this specimen is rugged enough to be placed on an open stand.The photos speak for themselves. Size: 114 mm x 66mm x 2.2mm. 37.5 grams.Now slashed to $100/gram (50% off retail)$ 3,750.
NWA 2995The most pristine lunar feldspathic breccia ever seen in my travels. Includes breccia within breccia clasts. Tiny metal inclusions from lunar meteorite impacts. One partial glassy impact spherule along the edge of this slice. Size : 43 mm x 32mm x 1mm.           3.08 grams. Offered at $ 750/gram  ( 60% below typical retail )PRICE : $ 2,310
Serious inquiries welcome. Additional information available upon request. 
IMAGES FOR BOTH http://www.mediafire.com/folder/785w12nqkyq97/LUNAR_FELDSPATHIC_BRECCIA_SLICES

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