[meteorite-list] Tunguska event came from June (Beta) Taurid meteor stream

Paul etchplain at att.net
Fri Dec 28 22:41:48 EST 2018

Incoming! A June meteor swarm could be loaded
with surprises. Scientists studying a mysterious
event over Siberia in 1908 call for a special observation
campaign next summer. Washington Post, Dec. 25, 2018

The AGU abstract is:
P53D-2998: Was Tunguska a Beta Taurid? 2019 Observational Campaigns can 
Test Hypothesis

Older articles are:

Are asteroids hiding among the Taurids?
By Eddie Irizarry in Astronomy Essentials, Oct. 15, 2018
And, more to the point, are any asteroids
that might be hidden in the Taurid meteor
stream potentially hazardous to Earth?

1,000-foot wide asteroids that could Hit Earth found
Discovered by Astronomers, Newsweek, JUne 8., 2017


Paul H.

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