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Like many meteorites that are more abundant (and therefor tend to drive prices down) the rarity of more desirable features on such specimens is what justifies a premium for a singular specimen. For this reason I agree that the specimen you described would certainly sell at a premium. I don't personally think 10$/g would be entirely unrealistic for it, though it may be hard though to find a buyer for it depending on who you know...

The specimen you describe sounds like a nearly perfect example of an SA, though I would say it could be one step closer to perfect if it had a label on it from the Soviet Academy of Sciences, and came with some other old provenance card from a prestigious European collection. I've seen an 80g, somewhat mundane specimen of SA sell for 25$/g due to having a label from the SAS on it.

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On 2/12/18 at 12:17 PM, Rick Montgomery via Meteorite-list wrote:

> Good morning List!  
> On this Sikhote Alin birthday, I have a question regarding rarity and general value.  I have a friend who owns a larger (~1500gr+) oriented, transitional individual with regmaglyphs, external crystalline structure, flow lines, prominent roll-over lipping and most striking of all, complete natural patina.  I suggested to him that this combination of characters was quite unusual, and if he were ever to sell it, it should be valued higher than most at that weight.
> Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture but can easily have him send one to me.  (It’s not for sale...this is not an ad), but any opinion is welcome.  I have seen them from $5/gram to 10$/gr (high!!), but very few with natural patina.   Thanks in advance.
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