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Mitterling Meteorite Offerings


Here is my current listing of specimens for sale.

I don't like selling on eBay because I have to raise the prices about
13% higher in order to re-coup the cost of selling there and Paypal. I
take Visa/Mastercard.

I will consider reasonable offers on any of the specimens, except
those marked firm. I'd like to raise some money for other projects I
am working on.

Sincerely --AL Mitterling Mitterling Meteorites

Odessa, Tx specimen, weight is 20.8 lbs. I had offered this specimen
in the past for $9,000. Right now priced for $7,500

The Canyon Diablo is 11.9 kg (26.2 lbs) Price in the past was $12,000
Price now for $9,500.

I have an Sikhote-Alin endpiece that shows the crystal structure (not
common) weight is 2,500 grams Price is $5,500. Nice outside structure.

I have a Sahara classified stone H5 (no. 97095)  3,800 grams $4,000

NWA 869 40.8 lbs specimen (one of the large ones) 18,500 grams

Millbillillie, Australia 360 grams $4,500 firm. (this is a super nice
specimen!) Whole stone with black fusion crust one side.

Thiel Mountains Pallasite  Found: 1962 - 11 grams. This is an item I
purchased from Robert Haag quite a number of years ago now. Price is
high but if I had two or three people interested, I can cut the
specimen smaller. This is a super stable pallasite and never any
problems Comes in a nice ryker display.     $4,900.00

Park Forest, IL Fell: 2003 Class: L5  This is a nice slice of this
fall showing a couple of different lithographs in the interior. This
slice is one I cut and acquired in Park
Forest.                                               Weight is 22.3
grams                 $850.00

NWA 7252 Class: CK Found before 2007. An individual stone with low
total weight of 296.1 grams. Found at the Tucson Show and has about
70% fusion crust and 30% secondary fusion crust. $40/gram
9.5 gm & 17.9 gm        $380.00  &  $716.00

NWA 1929 Morocco Class: (howardite) Found: 2003. This is a part stone
with 45% black fusion crust but has suffered natural wind erosion. 242
gm                  $950.00

Maralinga, South Australia Class: CK4 This specimen was purchased
from David New long ago. Found in 1974 but wasn't recognized until
1989. A single mass of 3.38 kg was recovered.  Crusted two sides.
37.9 grams        $2840.00

Kapoeta, South Sudan Witnessed Fall: 1942 Class: Howardite specimen
weight 1.04 gram in macro mount. Has unique features and good surface
area for weight   $500.00

Juancheng, China witnessed fall February 15th, 1997 Class: H5   This
is a shower of stones that fell with one reported to have hit a  roof
and landed in a pot on a stove. This is a slice I cut. 8.25 gm full
slice with crust.              $55.00

Ghubara, Omen  Stony L5 chondrite end piece, showing nice clasts and armored
chondrules. 219.9 gm       $250.00   This specimen is super stable.

D'Orbigny, Argentina Class: Angrite 3.84 grams. Shows some nice
vesicles and course grain structure. $960.00

**You can send me an email at: mittmet51 at gmail.com (best!) or my old
email at: almitt2 at localnet.com (note some emails don't get through to
this email so best to use the gmail account.  I hope to hear from

If your not on my mailing list and wish to be on it, email so I can
put you on the listings.

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