[meteorite-list] Questions About NWA 7034, "Black Beauty" Pairing

Adam Hupe raremeteorites at centurylink.net
Fri Mar 9 13:06:17 EST 2018

Does anybody know the disposition of the 3 kilogram plus pairing to NWA 
7034, the Basaltic Martian Breccia sometimes referred to as "Black 
Beauty?"  Has it been been cut yet?  Has a laboratory analyzed it or is 
it just another self-paired stone? $300,000.00 or $100.00/gram for the 
entire stone is a bit much but I would be interested in a kilogram at 
this price if it has been confirmed in a laboratory and is available.

I was hoping it would have shown up cut in Tucson but I did not hear 
anything more about it so canceled any thoughts of going to the show 
last month.

Any info would be greatly appreciated,


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