[meteorite-list] Clube and Napier

E.P. Grondine epgrondine at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 12 11:48:32 EDT 2018

Hi Paul - 

These new papers you fed us are somewhat besides the point:Clube and Napier's coherent catastrophism, and recent small cometary impact sutdies.As coherent catastrophism could not have been developed before isotopic dating,the historical studies are somewhat besides the point.Further , using the word "catastrophist", usually associated with Velikovsky's nonsense,really is an effort to belittle modern impact research.
IN today's other news, we learn that bad estimates of the asteroid population were fed to us,and that the problem is worse then previously estimated.

As I have stated before, if your own income was dependant on locating astroblemes 
from the 2 Holocene Start Impact Events, then your formidable talents would be more 
usefully employed.

In other news, NASA still hss not launched the NEOcam.

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