[meteorite-list] Questions About NWA 7034, "Black Beauty" Pairing

Roger charnaud at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 13 13:35:09 EDT 2018

I cannot better articulate what has been said by Dr Shea in his two earlier
responses on this topic. 
It is not my nature to respond to such debates, but I do not feel justice is
being served here.

Repeating what John S said,  I do not pretend to have the details of what
happened with John Higgins (for whom I have great respect)

I have been buying from Morocco for many years and while I have been of the
receiving end of a (very) few bad people, I have dealt with Mr Nourddine
many times (15-20) and found him to be completely reliable (as the vast vast
majority of dealers). 

Several of his stones (that warranted it) I had analysed at UOW - as is my
standard practice, and am yet to find fault. 
In fact, it was Mr Nourddine who pointed out that a suspected carbonaceous
that I had bought from him turned out to be an bizarre OC (upon his analysis
in Germany) and gave me a full refund, without my asking. 

In my experience at least, this man is absolutely not a 'bad actor'

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