[meteorite-list] Awesome Shock Melted (NWA 6963) Martian Specimens

Adam Hupe raremeteorites at centurylink.net
Fri Mar 16 12:50:13 EDT 2018

Imagine the outrage if dealers borrowed (stole) NGC or PCGS numbers for 
coins that another dealer had graded?  Or stole BGS or PSA numbers to 
describe just any old rare Baseball Cards or simply "borrowed" GIA 
certification report numbers for Diamonds?   They would be charged with 

Numbers and nomenclature assigned to NWA meteorites apply only to the 
stones that were submitted and formally studied at the time of 
classification.  These are basically laboratory sample numbers and do 
not apply to subsequently found stones or batches.  Numbers and Total 
Known Weights are officially assigned for a reason; mainly so 
laboratories and research scientists know for sure what material they 
are working with. Collectors see these numbers as some form of 
protection believing that if they have a number assignment, they were 
studied by a qualified research scientist, not some poser. Self-paired 
stones have never been examined by a qualified scientists and were never 
peer-reviewed thus they do not deserve to piggy-back official numbers.

Lets take a sector from the collectables market that is performing well 
like 1960s era muscle cars for instance. Try entering a muscle car into 
an auction, claiming it is original, and see what happens when the 
numbers are found not to match?  You will never be asked to consign 
another car again and you will be blacklisted.

Collectors do care about legitimate number assignments and real TKWs so 
should never settle for self-paired, undocumented stones placed on the 

Besides all that, members of the IMCA took an oath and agreed to following:

6.    I agree that unclassified 'meteorites' that have not been verified 
as meteorites might not be meteorites. I will not sell or trade any 
meteorites or any questionable meteoritic material unless I first obtain 
verification. I agree to specify verified but unclassified material as 
such in connection with any sale, trade, or other transaction related to 
the same. Meteoritical Society guidelines will prevail in the 
circumstance of meteorite naming and pairing. I understand and agree 
that, as a member, I may be required to provide further evidence to the 
Board (or other relevant I.M.C.A. Committee), including but not limited 
to: the verification process utilized for unclassified meteorites, 
and/or documentation from an approved testing institution or approved 
individual of the Board's choosing.

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