[meteorite-list] Ad - SOME NICE STONES

Aras Jonikas arasj3827 at comcast.net
Thu Mar 22 20:43:06 EDT 2018


Anyone interested in the following please MAKE YOUR BEST OFFER and/or contact me for pictures:

60.2g full slice of Allende CV3
9.5g small individual crusted Allende CV3
5.2g Bencubbin part-slice
9.32g crusted endcut NWA 8618 CM2
31.13g Sikhote Alin SUPER ORIENTED bullet 
19.00g full slice NWA 8559 Howardite (very fresh)
14.37g full slice NWA 5469 R5 (W0!!!)
49.69g Main Mass NWA 10410 Diogenite(CRUSTED,ORIENTED w/flow lines,Johnstown-like!!!)
708g complete Mahbes Aariad (prov) individual (CURSTED WITH IMPACT MARKINGS!)

IMCA 2117

AD 1/2

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