[meteorite-list] AD: Kilogram Lots of Unclassified NWA Meteorites - less than .20 cents per gram.

Galactic Stone & Ironworks meteoritemike at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 09:55:18 EDT 2018

Hi Collectors and Listees,

I have two different kilogram lots of meteorites available.

Both are uncut and as-found in the Saharan Desert. These come from an
old collection and are likely chondrite types (based on appearances,
texture, and degree of magnetic attraction).

Lot #1 weighs 1008 grams and is available for $220 shipped to anywhere
in the USA - http://galactic-stone.com/kilo-lot-of-unclassified-nwa-meteorites/

Lot #2 weighs 1012 grams and is $200 shipped to anywhere in the USA -

These are ideal for study, display, outreach use, or cutting/resale.
Many have remnant fusion crust, desert varnish, chondrules,
aerodynamic shapes and other desirable features.

Contact me via email to inquire - meteoritemike at gmail.com

All new specimens, including single meteorite specimens -

Thanks for looking and clear skies!


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