[meteorite-list] New Younger Dryas impact Paper - Observations from Patagonia

Paul etchplain at att.net
Sat Mar 16 22:55:58 EDT 2019

Major cosmic impact 12,800 years ago
Geologic and paleontological evidence unearthed
in southern Chile supports the theory that a major
cosmic impact event occurred approximately
12,800 years ago, University of California -
Santa Barbara, March 13, 2019

Pino, M., Abarzúa, A.M., Astorga, G., Martel-Cea, A.,
Cossio-Montecinos, N., Navarro, R.X., Lira, M.P.,
Labarca, R., LeCompte, M.A., Adedeji, V. and Moore,
C.R., 2019. Sedimentary record from Patagonia,
southern Chile supports cosmic-impact triggering
of biomass burning, climate change, and megafaunal
extinctions at 12.8 ka. Scientific Reports, 9(1), no.4413.


Paul H.

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